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How to style leather clothing

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Leather clothing is a staple in many wardrobes but many people struggle with how to style it. Leather is a versatile and durable material that can add edge and sophistication to any outfit. However, it can be challenging to figure out how to style leather pieces without looking too posh or out of place. This article will offer tips and ideas on how to style leather clothing for different occasions.

1. Pair Your Leather with Denim

One of the simplest ways to style leather is to pair it with denim. Jeans make an excellent complement to jackets, vests or pants made of leather. For a casual and effortless look, try wearing a black leather jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and a graphic tee. Add ankle boots and a scarf for a complete outfit that is perfect for fall.

2. Add a Pop of Color

If you want to add a pop of color to your leather outfit, you can do so with accessories. Brightly colored bags, shoes or belts can add personality to black leather clothing items. You can also opt for a colored leather jacket or skirt in shades like camel, tan or brown. These colors offer an excellent contrast to white, gray or black clothing items.

3. Make Leather Work for Work

Leather clothing can also be styled to wear to the office. If you want to wear leather to work, opt for muted tones and styles that will not appear too flashy. For instance, pair a black leather pencil skirt with a white blouse or a beige sweater. This creates a polished and professional look for the office.

4. Mix and Match Silhouettes

Another way to style leather clothing is to mix and match silhouettes. For instance, you can pair skinny leather pants with a baggy sweater or a loose leather top with wide-leg trousers. Mixing and matching different silhouettes can add dimension and interest to an outfit.

5. Dress it Up

Leather clothing can also be dressed up for formal events such as weddings or dinner parties. Opt for a leather jumpsuit or a cocktail dress made of leather. Pair the dress with strappy heels and a clutch for a beautiful and sophisticated look.

6. Layer Your Leather

Finally, learn to layer your leather clothing. A leather jacket layered over a dress or a leather vest over a sweater will add texture and depth to your outfit. You can also layer a leather skirt over leggings or tights. This adds a trendy touch to your outfit while also keeping you warm during the colder months.

In conclusion, leather clothing is an investment piece that can last for years if cared for properly. Remember to pair your leather clothing with contrasting items, mix and match silhouettes, dress it up or down, and layer whenever you can. By following these tips, you can style leather clothing that is both comfortable and fashionable.

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