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Creating a Culture of Digital Responsibility

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## From Digital Humanism to Value-Based AI Strategy: A Journey with Sophisticated Simplicity

In an era where digital transformation is advancing relentlessly and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly permeating all aspects of life, Sophisticated Simplicity, Austria’s first business agency for Digital Ethics, stands at the forefront of this development. We firmly believe that the key to a successful digital transformation lies in a value-based approach that places humans at the center and uses technology as a tool to enhance human life, not to replace or control it.

### Our Specialization

Sophisticated Simplicity specializes in Value-based Consulting, Coaching, and Communication. We build bridges between complex digital transformation and digital excellence, shaping business models sustainably and based on values. Our methodology is based on Value-based Engineering (VbE) according to the international standard IEEE 7000, which provides an ethical framework for the design and use of AI and other technologies.

### Our Services

#### Value-based Consulting

In the consulting area, we support companies in creating value-based business models and sustainable digital AI strategies. We assist in the conception of forward-looking AI strategies and the development of digital services to pave the way for digital innovation. Our method: ISO 24748:IEEE7000 Value-Based Engineering, a standard for ethical IT innovation.

#### Value-based Coaching

We promote the unfolding of the full potential of leaders and employees. Through targeted coaching, we strengthen creativity, courage for change, and competencies for the digital era, laying the foundation for successful digital transformation and personal development.

#### Value-based Communication

We master the challenges of complex stakeholder management and communication between IT and business. With our training for conscious handling of AI and Value-Based Engineering, you will learn valuable practices and mindsets for meaningful interaction with AI. In our newsletter “AI Value Bits & Bytes”, we offer current insights into the development of Large Language Models. In our podcast “CuiBono.AI”, founder Sabine Singer conducts inspiring conversations with Digital Leaders and AI and Ethics experts.

### The Right Partner for You

Sophisticated Simplicity is the ideal partner for decision-makers, management, business owners, and C-Level Executives who value an ethical and value-based approach to digital transformation. We are suitable for organizations that want to optimize their digital strategies and strengthen their leaders to be successful in the digital world.

### Projects You Can Engage Us For

Companies can engage us for a variety of projects, including:

– Development and implementation of AI strategies

– Creation of business models and use cases

– Conducting AI assessments

– Integration of strategy and ethics into the design process

– Coaching of leaders and teams for potential development

– Communication training and AI training

– Consulting and support in stakeholder communication

Our dynamic network of experienced partners and experts is ready to create innovative and value-based solutions for your data and AI projects. With Sophisticated Simplicity, you choose a partner that combines expertise in sustainable business development, digital strategy, and ethical consulting.

If you want to learn more about Sophisticated Simplicity or take advantage of our services, visit our website at www.sophisticated-simplicity.com or contact us directly to find out how we can support your organization on the path to the digital future.

### Publisher Details:

Sophisticated Simplicity | Austria’s first Business Agency for Digital Ethics


Sophisticated Simplicity is your specialist for Digital Ethics and sustainable, value-based business models. We help you develop human-centered AI strategies.

We translate complex technology into human value.

We are Austria’s first consulting agency for Value-Based Engineering (ISO/IEC/IEEE 24748-7000 Standard) and accompany you on your transformation journey towards digital excellence. Our services combine the conception of intelligent AI strategies and business models.

With prudent business development, we develop use-cases and digital services for European Data Spaces. Discover the world of digital possibilities with us.

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